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Song Jesus Sings

The Song Jesus Sings

Drawing near to the heart of God through the Song of Songs

“…a life changing journey worth taking.” – Coralie Preston, Director WEC Australia

God is up to something across the earth today. He’s moving on a scale never seen before.

Song Jesus SingsHe’s calling His people to once again take an ancient journey. It’s a journey described in Psalm 84:5-7, it’s the pilgrimage outlined in a little, mostly forgotten book between Ecclesiastes and Isaiah. “Prayer is the means, the Song of Songs is the road map and the return of Jesus to a lovesick bride is the destination.”

The Song Jesus Sings is a prophetic cry to a generation to stop business as usual and press into the heart of God. In this book, through a combination of teaching and personal testimony I take readers on a journey to both understand the Song of Songs as an allegory of Jesus’ passion for His bride and to hear the cry of Holy Spirit calling the church to prepare for the return of the King.

Through the prophet Isaiah (24:16), God promised that in the last years before Jesus’ return, from the ends of the earth, worship would arise proclaiming, “Glory to the Righteous One.” This book is meant to call the nations to this reality, it is meant to be a response to a generation of Christians crying out, ‘There must be more to following Jesus than what we’ve experienced so far.’

Come on a journey with me to hear the Song Jesus is singing over you, your family and nation. Launching August 11th, 2018.

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