Chasing the Beautiful God

Revelation from the search for joy in the beauty of God

Beauty in weakness

I have found, by much experience, that I am one of the weakest people I know. The problem with weakness is that Continue reading “Beauty in weakness”

The secret gift of hunger

Lovesick By Misty Edwards – Purchase here

Misty Edwards sings this song called Lovesick. Its lyrics go like this: Continue reading “The secret gift of hunger”

Audio to encourage your heart

I thought I’d share some audio clips that I’ve recorded from the International House of Prayer’s webstream. Each of these clips has deeply impacted me at different times through the last year. I hope they’ll be an encouragement to you too.

Continue reading “Audio to encourage your heart”

O come let us adore Him

“O come and see, the beautiful God-man hanging upon a tree…”

I was sitting in the prayer room last Monday and I read this verse: Continue reading “O come let us adore Him”

Why delighting in God’s beauty is essential 2

I’ve been wrestling with the Lord in regards to finances this last week. It’s not that I’ve run out of money or anything it’s just there’s only ever just enough. It’d be nice to have excess for a change. Continue reading “Why delighting in God’s beauty is essential 2”

If life were a story

Load the link and listen as you read:

I’ve been remembering this again the last couple of days. It’s been a long time since I wrote it. It sprung into my heart at a time when all in my life seemed lost. Yet over the years what was written in faith has become truth. Continue reading “If life were a story”

There’s going to be a wedding

Load the link and listen as you read:

Have you ever noticed that the Bible begins with a wedding (Genesis 1 – Adam and Eve), Continue reading “There’s going to be a wedding”

A different kind of strength

I had a vision this week past as I worked. Continue reading “A different kind of strength”

Why delighting in God’s beauty is essential

OneThing Conference 2016 is up and running at the moment ( Preaching last night, Continue reading “Why delighting in God’s beauty is essential”

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