Chasing the Beautiful God

Declaring the beauty of Jesus and His glorious return

About me

Hi! I’m an Aussie, former missionary kid, writer, adventurer, friend, brother, son and passionate lover of Jesus. So glad you found your way here into this adventure of mine!

A few years ago, God turned my life upside down with His furious love and now I find myself seeking Him out wherever I go and sharing that search where ever I can. I’d love if you’d come on this journey with me!

The best way to introduce myself?  Maybe with the things that make my heart move (music and images) and hopefully will touch yours too.

A song that captures what makes me get up in the morning:

Olivia Buckles IHOP-KC prayer room


I was born and grew up in Ghana where my parents worked as Bible translators.



I love adventure and travel. It fuels my writing as I encounter God in creation and people.

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Petra, Jordan


Mt Tauhara, New Zealand
Mt Rainier, Washington USA
23621236_10214102712018801_5824143579921881528_n (1)
Chiang Mai, Thailand


I’m a friend, brother and son learning to love well.

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What I believe:

I believe Jesus is beautiful.

He’s the most beautiful person in the universe – ever.

He’s worthy too. Worthy of everything we have. Worthy of all our praise, our very lives. We’re NOT going to see His face one day and regret that we gave Him too much.

He has the most passionate, kindest heart, the best leadership, the most incredible plans.

And I also know Jesus is coming back soon, VERY SOON.

It’s time for His church to get ready. Ultimately that’s what this blog is all about – living a life worthy of His calling (Ephesians 1:18) to be a bride fully in love.


Jon Thurlow, IHOP-KC prayer room


Joel Ratcliffe

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