Chasing the Beautiful God

Declaring the beauty of Jesus and His glorious return


Behold Him. Behold Him. Behold Him! Behold Him! The Lamb upon the cross.

I have tried everything to measure up. Tried everything to be good enough. Tried everything to succeed at life. Tried everything to fill the gaping ache in my chest for significance and worth. My life has been broken on the rocks of this fallen world and there You are hanging upon that cross, the Genesis 1 creator God who needs nothing but with firery passion in Your eyes You’re crying out, “You’re mine. You’re mine. You’re mine. I want you. I have gone to the fires of hell for you to be mine.”

Why would You choose me? But You have called me your son, called me Your beloved one – chosen me, saved me, redeemed me, still You’re crying out, “You’re mine, My beloved one, the apple of My eye, My most prized possession, My treasure in a field, My pearl of great price, My inheritance.”

How will I ever thank You? How can I ever give You enough to thank You? There is just awe in my heart…confusion…this doesn’t make sense…Your love doesn’t make sense…Your desire for me doesn’t make sense.

And You keep doing it, it’s not like this was a once off at salvation. In every place of my weakness and failure You keep lifting my hung head to look in Your eyes and find that You still adore me, You’re still committed to me, You’re still fighting for me, You’re still singing over me.

Behold Him. Behold Him! Behold Him! Australia behold Him! World behold Him! The Lamb upon the cross. The Lion who is coming again. He is worthy. He is worthy of all we have. If you could only see Him, if you could only know Him as I know Him you would know that He is worth so much more than what we could ever give so I give the little I have which is a heart of worship and love and a life poured out to Him.

J. Ratcliffe

Photo by Neale LaSalle from Pexels

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