A call to prayer: Can you hear the sound of rain?

Can you hear the sound of rain?  I received this in an email yesterday from some leaders of a prayer network here in Australia:

“Prayer is exploding across our nation. The combination of the elections, fires and the drought has driven us to our knees. More prayer calls have been issued across Australia in the last 12 months than any time in the history of our nation.”

And now it’s raining across our drought stricken, fire ravaged land. But here’s the question I have. What if we didn’t wait until the land was in crisis before we started praying? What if we went on the offensive before crisis hit and began banging on heaven’s door for spiritual rain, a mighty outpouring of the Holy Spirit that would transform our land at it’s very core?

To continue in the spirit of Prayer for the drought and fires and to ask the Lord for revival I’m helping to organise at my church a 6 hour prayer gathering on the 22nd of February for the National Day of Prayer and Fasting. Come and join us as we cry out for the healing of our land and  revival.

More details can be found here. 

Joel Ratcliffe
Hi! I'm an Aussie, former missionary kid, writer, adventurer, friend, brother, son and follower of Jesus. Glad you found your way here into this adventure of mine!

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