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Old friends – 10 years on

This coming February marks 10 years. 10 years since the Holy Spirit broke in on a group of us gathering to pray in a little smelly prayer room. 10 years since we launched on this adventure of friendship and crazy pursuit of God. 10 years since the Lord radically changed my life and gave me the best group of friends one could ever wish for.

A lot has changed in those years. Most of us have spouses now, a kid, even 2 kids, we’ve held jobs, been promoted, been awarded, been fired, been ill, had huge unforeseen life changes, travelled the world. We have more money now, less hair (mostly speaking about myself), things are more complicated but we’re wiser. But I’ll never forget how our hearts were knit together so close 10 years ago this February. It really was a gift from God and a rescue for my heart. Thanks for your friendship guys!

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J. Ratcliffe

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