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A prophetic word for 2019

It’s been ages since I’ve posted anything here since I haven’t had much to share. But I felt the Lord prompt me to share this tonight. I felt like He said that for a few of you who read this word and song will be a great encouragement for where you’re at right now.

The first word came from David Wagner at Catch the Fire church, Sydney this afternoon:

“God doesn’t waste anything. What we call wasted, He calls perfume. (Matthew 26:6-13)”

That is prophetic and profound on a number of levels.

The second is this song I received last weekend at a prayer gathering. This year (2019) seems to be a year where God is transitioning many people into new things. For new things to come forth, old things have to die and that dying can be super confusing and even distressing. But if we hold on to the old we will not have hands open to receive the new and greater that the Lord has planned for us. It’s ok to mourn and celebrate the old for a time but let’s look with joy and thankfulness that we have a good shepherd who’s not done with us yet, who has greater things in store for His bride.

Joel Ratcliffe

2 responses to “A prophetic word for 2019”

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  2. My friend Joy, I m so gladly for your life. I hope to see you teaching soon because you have the gift of God to speak to all of us so deeper with a profound impact on our hearts and minds.
    Be blessed


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