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If life were a story

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I’ve been remembering this again the last couple of days. It’s been a long time since I wrote it. It sprung into my heart at a time when all in my life seemed lost. Yet over the years what was written in faith has become truth.

If life were a book
of the greatest story ever told
Then before
I was skim reading.

Through wilderness and war
Famine and earthquake
The rending scream of my breaking heart meant I was
searching desperately for those words: And they lived happily ever after…

If life were a story
and every day a page.
Now I’m reading each sentence
every page
very slowly.

I’m watching,
waiting breathless,
desperate not to miss
the author’s voice,
the author’s touch,
the intricate details
of how he rescues me
in times of hopelessness and despair.

Because the Prince of Peace does rescue His beloved in distress.

Because the King does give His sword to sons and daughters saying:’Becoming who you were born to be.’

Because any good author knows that the glory of an ending is only made by the depth of the valleys through which His characters pass.

So now all I can do is run into your arms of love.

J. Ratcliffe (2006)

One response to “If life were a story”

  1. It’s beautiful! Thanks for sharing Joel.


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