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The revelation that changes everything 1

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There is, before and around the throne of God, a vast sea which stretches more endless than the Pacific. It is blue like crystal and glass, clear as the Australian sky on a summer’s day. It’s solid for standing but it’s also deep and moving, changing. It’s moving with waves and those waves are waves of fire.

Under the sea are creatures (Cherubim). They are the kind you might expect in a nightmare. A seemingly convoluted mix of human and animal, four with four faces and four wings each, huge, powerful, burning ones, moving so quickly they appear as flashes of lightning. Yet they’re beautiful and you can’t take your eyes off them.

On the sea is a throne of deep sapphire blue and above the throne fly four other creatures (Seraphim) with 6 wings, covered in eyes, crying out voices that shake the sea: Holy, Holy, Holy! From the base of the throne comes a flaming river that flows into the sea to fuel its waves and 7 columns of fire stand one second  still as if to support a roof but then dance across the sea.

Finally, upon the throne sits the Ancient of Days. He burns with a light that pierces brighter and deeper than any nuclear blast rending even to joints and marrow those who would look upon Him. That light is a white clear light as a diamond yet red as a ruby and surrounded by an emerald green that is only hinted at in the brightest rainbow you’ve ever seen on a rainy day. This is the scene that goes on in heaven for eternity. And these descriptions are but glimpses which God gave experience of to a few select men through the Bible (Moses, Ezekiel, Isaiah and John).

It is amazing how similar the testimonies of these men are in the books they wrote separated by centuries and millennia (Exodus 19, 24 + Ezekiel 1 + Isaiah 6 + Revelation 1, 4). Yet one of these men had a slightly different encounter. Moses encountered the fire and lightning of God. Moses saw the cloud that hid His throne. Moses heard the thunder and trumpet blast of God’s voice. He felt the earth quake beneath his feet. But Moses said, “Show me Your glory.” (Exodus 33:18) The Hebrew word translated here as ‘glory’ is ‘Kabod’. ‘Kabod’ means splendour. Splendour means brilliant or gorgeous appearance. In other words, Moses asked, “Show me Your beauty.” And when God showed Moses His beauty our understanding of God (for those with eyes to see) changed forever.

To be continued... 

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