Chasing the Beautiful God

Revelation from the search for joy in the beauty of God


August 2016

The importance of beauty to your life

What is beauty? How would you define it? It’s a bit of a mystery right? Continue reading “The importance of beauty to your life”

What is the dream of your heart?

Load this link and listen to the music as you read.

What is the dream of your heart? Continue reading “What is the dream of your heart?”

You are not who you might think

Load this link and listen to the music as you read.

Saint Irenaeus said, “The glory of God is man fully alive and fully alive consists of beholding God.” The furious longing of God for you is a reality that is meant to cause life to explode from your heart.

Continue reading “You are not who you might think”

God has a secret 2

In sum of last week, in the difference between the eternity set in our hearts and the reality of a broken world around us arises longing. Beauty awakens longing because it calls out to us about that which is true about us but not yet fully realized. BUT…there is more. Continue reading “God has a secret 2”

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