Beauty in failure

I heard a preacher tell a story of his young son (4yo). He came home from work one day feeling like a failure. He walked into the kitchen to find his son there and his wife. His son was standing on a kitchen chair leaning over a sink filled with water and mounds of bubbles. There were two clean, bubbly plates in the dish rack. There was a pile of dirty plates on the kitchen table. There was one broken plate smashed on the floor. Water cascaded over the edge of the sink and down the front of the kitchen cupboard creating a sea across the kitchen.  Continue reading “Beauty in failure”

Beauty in difficulty

*This piece is an act of faith tinged with experience.

So you find yourself in the circumstantial doghouse of life. You’re in a proverbial prison and you can’t get out. You’re stuck and stuck fast – nothing’s moving, nothing’s changing, like Joseph was in Genesis – and you can’t see it ever changing. You might be there because it’s your fault or it might not be your fault at all but the questions you’re asking God are: Why? What on earth am I doing here? Where are you?  Why did you let this happen?

Continue reading “Beauty in difficulty”

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