Finding delight in God’s word (an example 1)

John 9: A story of redemption and encounter, Part 1 

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Walking along that road out of Jerusalem, where the dust thrown up by leather sandals tastes like old books on a tongue made dry in afternoon heat, Jesus’ disciples asked Him a question that brought to light a beautiful story God had been quietly writing for decades. They passed a man, blind from birth. Continue reading “Finding delight in God’s word (an example 1)”

Finding delight in the word of God (Practical)

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1. Firstly, when we read, we need to go wide by reading the whole bible from beginning to end. This is important because the Bible interprets the Bible. We need to know what is in it and how the different parts relate each other. For example, we can learn a lot by comparing Isaiah 6 and Revelation 4 and 5. As we start to see connections throughout the Bible in the revelation given to separate men who lived thousands of years apart the story of God will begin to come alive in our minds and hearts. It will! It really will! Continue reading “Finding delight in the word of God (Practical)”

How sweet are His words to my taste!

The cold of the morning crept in under the front door and breathed across the clean concrete floor as the man picked up his little, curly headed son and wrapped him up, head to toe, in the blue and white tallis, the Jewish prayer shawl. The man  carried his son then, out the door and down the hill to the school. It was his son’s first day of school, a significant day in Jewish culture. Continue reading “How sweet are His words to my taste!”

The purpose of this blog

The purpose of this blog is to call a generation and a nation to behold the beauty of the Lord. By ‘the beauty of the Lord’ I don’t only mean the physical appearance of God, the transcendent beauty emanating from the throne room in heaven, the thunder and lightning flashing on the sea of glass (Revelation 4). I mean the beauty of His heart, the beauty of His ways, the beauty of the way that He sees and loves and relates with His people (His affections towards us) – His mercy, His faithfulness, judgement, righteousness and loving kindness (Psalm 36). The beauty of God is the knowledge of God that touches our hearts. When we describe something as beautiful it’s not a statement of logic, it’s a passionate cry overflowing from a moved heart.

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